PHP language Training and internship IT Company Nagpur



Introduction and installation  of PHP

  • Introduction to php
  • Advantages  of PHP
  • Why to use
  • Versions of PHP
  • Execution of PHP code.
  • First php program and difference between echo and print.
  • echo and print (difference).
  • Variable declaration.
  • program to print each type of variable (int,float,stringetc).
  • type of variables
  • variable type testing methods
  • Type conversion methods
  • Expressions
  • Operator types with example.
  • Constant (how to define and use)
  • Decisions And Loop  
  • if, if-else, else-if  ladder
  • switch
  • while
  • For
  • Arrays    
  • Type
  • Functions for array
  • Conversion between array and string.
  • Merging array together
  • PHP Filter
  • Date and time
  • Get current date and time.
  • Create our own date
  • Formatting date string
  • Checking date value.

8)String operations and functions

9)GLOBALS in PHP and include(), require(), require once()

10)PHP Functions (Mostly usable functions)

  • OOPs concept and all class and method        Description
  • Form handling
  • Intro to GET  and POST method
  • Form creation
  • Form data insert in database
  • Form data validation
  • Quick form.
  • Login and session maintenance  
  • Image in php (all functions)
  • Import and export database 
  • Contact form submission and mail functions
  • Project connectivity
  • MVC Module Structure.
  • Developing online template website.