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Future Scope of PHP Developer

We come to know that It field is one of the growing sector during the pandemic situation. As we all know the boom of this IT sector is endless and that’s why it’s having numbers of opportunities. Now, due to this many times we get into confusion for choosing a right track.

Here I’ve selected only three course of career in which one can get ride into i.e PHP, web development & Digital Marketing. We will discuss the national + International opportunities and companies to get start and how can one grow career into it.

So let’s start……….!

Sometimes we use to hear that PHP is losing its demand. But trust me it’s one of the easiest and very important language for beginners who wants to start learning backhand language and building their career.


Hypertext Preprocessor is refer as PHP and it uses to make connection with the server.  This is also called as one of backend language. Which is use to transfer the data to database and make the site responsive. Speed of site also depends on backend language.

How can one star earning-

As a fresher don’t make money as primary requirement.  It  is important for you to take experience and become handy with the languages and development.  For this you can join any company as a fresher or intern. But this is not as easy as it’s mentioned. You need to strong your roots before applying. It means you can practice and explore each basic. You can build project using this language or project. Apart from PHP, you should also focus on MySQL and AJAX. Front end knowledge like JQuery, JS, etc will also help in getting your first job and making your project responsive.

You can search jobs in the different available job portals. 

Initially, as an intern you can get 10-15K per month. Later on staring of your job you’ll get salary between 17,500/- to 20,000/- per month. After gaining experience salaries get increases and in NMC you can get it 54,600/- and above per month.


On job portals you’ll get many fresher hiring companies for PHP developers

Eg: Tileti Eemeze Soft Tech(India) Pvt.lTD, J-Technologies India Ltd, Elveysys, Explara, Picon Infotech Pvt. Ltd., T & A Solutions, Aadhya Global Consulting Services, Deenz Technologies (P) Ltd, Maxgen Technologies, Sthenic Technologies Pvt. Ltd., BigSpire Software, Codebox, Kartum Infotech, SriSAAS, Trillion IT Services Pvt. Ltd., Newgen Infotech Pvt. Ltd, SRAJ Solutions Pvt Ltd, CM Solutionz, ZEROSOFT TECHNOLOGIES, Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd, etc.

Numbers of companies are taking fresher PHP development. After gaining experience you can jump on your dream companies. Some of experienced PHP developers hiring companies are mentioned beow:

Eg: IndiaNIC InfoTech, Clarion Technologies, IntellectSoft, Parangat Technologies, Sparx IT solutions, etc.

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