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Importance of Keywords

Keyword is a focuses word for which you are writting a content and want to rank it on GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS.
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1.Head Keyword
2.Mid Keyword
3.Long-tail Keyword

1. Head Keyword
Head keyword we also called as Thick,Short,Broad, or Generic Keyword. A Head Keyword will consists of 2 to 3 keywords at max.
Consider an Eample.. Buy Mobile Cover since it vey generic Keywords. It will bring a lot of results and it will also very difficult to compete.

2. Mid Keyword
Which will be consists of 5 to 7 keywords. Let say Best Durable Mobile Cover and it will have a very less traffic than head keywords.

3. Long-Tail Keywords
The long-tail Keyword is generic a typical type of questions let say Which Is The Best Durable Cover To Buy Online In India and
it will have a limited set of results.

You can bring your website in the first rank on google, for this you have to do SEO onpage and offpage.
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