Special Offer For Software Training In Nagpur

We are offering you a Software package
@ 15000/- Only

Package includes

  • C language
  • C++
  • HTML, CSS,
  • JS, Bootstrap, JQuery
  • MySQL
  • CMS
  • Framework
  • Digital Marketing
  • Live Project & Internship
  • Personality Development
  • Duration 8 Months 100% Syllabus will be cover.
C language Training and internship IT Company Nagpur

C Language

Basic, Decision Control Instructions, Loop Control Instructions, Array, Function, Pointer, Strings, More on User Defined Data Types, filing.

C ++language Training and internship IT Company Nagpur

C ++

C++ Overview, Standard Template Library, Arrays and Strings in C++, Constructor and Destructor, Polymorphism, Inheritance, Memory Management Operators, Static Keyword, Friend Functions, Template, File Handling

html language Training and internship IT Company Nagpur


Introduction, HTML TAG, Table and images connection, Formatting, Lists, Numbered list(ol), Non- numbered lists(ul), Anchor tag, name tag, Hyperlinks,Links with images and button, Links to send email messages ,Text fonts and styles

css language Training and internship IT Company Nagpur


Syntax ,id & Class CSS Styling( Backgrounds , Text ,Fonts,Links Lists, Tables)Box Model( Border, Outline, Margin, Padding, Dimension,display,positioning, floating, Navigation bar, image Gallery, image Opacity ,align)


Introduction of bootstrap and its class ,advantages of bootstrap, Grid , all components, tables ,form layout , column , Container, themes properties ,button, Plug-ins

JavaScript language Training and internship IT Company Nagpur


JavaScript overview, Syntax, Embedding Script In HTML File, Variable , Function & Object passing parameter to function , returning a value from function , creating object, accessing object properties and method array, events form events


Introduction Selectors Events, Effects Hide/Show, Fade, Slide Animate, stop() Callback, Chaining, HTML, Get, Set Add, Remove, CSS Classes, css()



Designing Databases, Doing Advanced Queries Advanced MySQL Concepts Managing Users and Privileges Backing Up and Restoring MySQL Databases MySQL Options File and Configuring

PHP language Training and internship IT Company Nagpur


Introduction and installation of PHP, First php program and difference between echo and print, Expressions, Decisions And Loop, Arrays, PHP Filter, Date and time String operations and functions GLOBALS in PHP Exception handling and error handling File handling PHP Function OOPs concept

Java language Training and internship IT Company Nagpur


Introduction, Constructor, Static Variable, This Keyword, Inheritance, Abstraction, Method Overriding and Overloading, Final and instance Of keywords, Exception Handling, Multithreading, String Handling, File Handling, Applet and AWT, Java Swing, JDBC, Servlet, JSP.


Introduction, Themes Offer Multiple Options Plugins Extend Functionality WordPress Sites Rank High WordPress Sites Are Mobile Responsive WordPress Sites Have a Built-In Blog SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Initial Setup and Configuration, CodeIgniter URLs, URI Routing, Auto Loading Functions,Form Handling, Helper Functions, Database, Active Record Class Session handling Email Class Image Manipulation Class Pagination Class Caching Cart Class Encryption Class User Agent Class Zip Encoding Class

Digital Marketing

Marketing Fundamentals, Content Strategy, Social Media Marketing (Organic), Social Media Advertising (Paid), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing with AdWords (SEM), Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Measure & Optimize with Google Analytics

Live Project & Internship

Live project is nothing but a shorter version of Internship and a bigger version of volunteering. Basically while you're still studying you can take up a project in a company to get your hands on some practical knowledge and you will definitely learn something.

Personality Development

Personality development is the development of the organized pattern of behaviors and attitudes that makes a person distinctive. Personality development occurs by the ongoing interaction of temperament , character, and environment.

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