Introduction to Unix & Linux

History of Unix & Linux

Basic Concepts of Operating Systems,

Kernel, shell and file system structure

System Structure

  • Basic concepts of Linux
  • Differences between Red Hat Enterprise Linux & cent os

Commands of Linux 

Installation Of Linux

  • Interactive installation
  • INIT Process

Software Package Administration

  • Installing and deleting software packages
  • Querying and updating software packages

User and Group Administration

  • Creating and deleting users from the systems
  • Modifying users profile
  • Creating and deleting groups
  • Important system files related to user administration
  • Creating, deleting and modifying users and group & policy

Advanced File Permissions

Creating, modifying and deleting ACL’s

Disk Partitioning and Mounting File System

Backup and recovery




Web Server (Apache)

  • Basics of Web Service
  • Introduction to Apache
  • Configuring Apache for main site

Configuring Apache for multiple sites using IP-based, portbased and name-based virtual hosting

FTP Server (vsftp daemon)

  • Basics of File Transfer Protocol

Configuring vsftpd for anonymous ftp service

 Samba Service

  • Basics of file sharing in Windows ,Configuring Samba service for file sharing with windows systems

Troubleshooting your system

  • Recovering the super user password
  • Recovering the boot loader (GRUB)

 RAID (Redundant Array of InExpensive Disks) & LVM

  • Implementing RAID on Linux
  • RAID levels (0, 1 and 5) configuration using RAID tools
  • Resizing the Partition using LVM


  • Managing Virtual machine