Difference between Facebook Profile & Facebook Page

 Facebook Profile VS Facebook Page:

That’s a very common question many people think. But it’s very easy to answer. Facebook profiles are the ones that are created by users for their personal use. If I put simply it with the Facebook profile we can request someone to be our friend and then we have to accept it. The features in Facebook Profiles are a bit different than Page. In Facebook profiles chatting, gaming capabilities are available which are not available on Page. To create a Profile you need to Sign up for Facebook from the homepage with your email address and your personal information.

Where Facebook Page is for business-related activities or companies. A page requires a user to hit a like button where the content will get to be visible to the user on their news feed. A different thing about a page is that it must be created from an existing account and different individual people (who have their Profiles) are assigned as admins.

For example, if you search “John Carter” on Facebook you will find a personal profile with personal updates. But if you search digital_anush you will see a picture of the website and links blog posts and other relevant content. So we can access both the thing like a Profile and a Page but the difference is I need to sign up for my Facebook personal account using my email address and information so that I can create a page.

A page is created especially branding and marketing your product where it should originate from one person who has primary access to it. If you want to create a page login to your Facebook account and click on like pages on the left column. At the top of the page, you’ll see the +Create Page button and the rest of Facebook will guide you.

There should be more than one person ideally attached to the page as an admin for a single check and balance. Also, we can edit the admin setting as per our convenience from the dashboard. Manage admin roles by clicking on “Edit Page”. While providing admin authorization to someone we need to be very careful about the person associated with your brand and check if he or she is trustworthy enough or not. If yes him/her Manager to add the level of accountability.

Benefits of Facebook Business Page:

  1. Facebook is a low-cost marketing strategy

Facebook page has potential benefits in terms of marketing strategies for your business. While for marketing activities for products & services through other channels it would take much higher cost in thousand dollars but through Facebook, we can do it in fraction of the cost. So in this means it’s very helpful for small to large medium businesses with limited marketing budgets

  1. Share basic information about your Business

Through Facebook Page, you can share basic information about your business which helps you to publicize and describe briefly about products and services which you are providing. You can also share information like contact details, name, address, location, etc. Also, add a brief history about your staff, what you do, which services you provide and attract Facebook users and create interest with whatever you offer or do.

  1. Attract Potential Customers and generate leads

Through Facebook business Page you can attract more customers and generate leads by engaging them with Facebook marketing strategies and grow your business into a potential one. By using the “Talk” option on the Facebook page you can receive feedback and suggestion about your business from customers. It’ll help you what the market thinks about your business. So it’ll help you to pay attention to cover loops holes in your business.

  1. Providing Support to customer

Customers can post after-sales questions directly into the page and you or your staff can easily get it resolved by providing answers to their queries and question.

  1. Create Brand Awareness

You can increase your business Facebook profile by encouraging the existing customers to subscribe, like and comment, and share. Once they like your page they will receive your updates on their wall where their friends also see them.

So basically Facebook business page help us one way to another on different factor to grow and established our business into a successful one.

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