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What You Can Learn From E-Commerce?

What Is E-Commerce Website: E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce) it is an online platform by user can electronically buying & selling of the product and also available online transaction through internet.

The Types Of E-Commerce Website: There are mainly 3 types they are B2B (Business To Business) B2C (Business To Consumer) C2C (Consumer To Consumer). It is also known as E-commerce models.                              

  1. B2Bmeans all the businesses sells it product or services to another business. It has generally had a large scale cycle for more & higher order purchase.                                               2. B2C means businesses sell to their product for customer, It is common business model. Like you can buy anything an online store as a consumer.
  2. C2Cis also known as online marketplace to sell their goods & services to the customer. Like OLX is the best example.

E-commerce Categories: E-commerce has mainly 2 types of categories are most of use in this world. 1. B2B (Business To Business) & 2. B2C (Business To Consumers).


Technologies Used In E-Commerce Website: Generally in e-commerce website have use in Front-End Technologies. The Three Tools are always helpful to create e-commerce website are: HTML, CSS, JS (Java Script) with the help of we can create an attractive e-commerce website.

The Most Listed Companies Using E-Commerce Website:

  1. Amazon,
  2. eBay,  3. Walmart, etc…

These companies are using this website and grow it.


E-Commerce Is Use Digital Marketing? : YES… Digital Marketing is very useful tools and important term’s that helps to our ecommerce website rank in goggle. Using digital marketing it helps to create hugs revenue. According to recent analysis over 37 million social media visits led to 529000 orders approx. Facebook also helps to get more traffic to the ecommerce website.

How E-Commerce Useful In Digital Marketing? : Basically marketing is helps to increasing the awareness of our product & service through social media. The ecommerce developer can use the digital content, social media, SEO to promote their website.    

How to Rank E-Commerce Website? : If you want rank your website then you will use digital marketing. The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important term. If you understand how SEO works then surely your website will ranking. It is best strategy and reduces cost. SEO helps to more traffic in your search engine page.

What Is the Scope of E-Commerce: There are many scope’s in e-commerce: supply chain management, Internet marketing, online exchange preparing, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), etc… Ecommerce businesses should be a 265% growth rate, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.9 trillion in 2021. It’s shown the best average to create our ecommerce website / e-commerce business.

What skills do you need for e-commerce? : Here, some skills do you known when your businesses will success.

  1. Content Marketing,
  2. Design  
  3. Development  
  4. Advertising,
  5. Marketing Automation, etc.

“I hope 2021 is the year we collectively agree as ecommerce professionals to let customers pay how they want, when they want, on whatever device they want.”


What Are The Benefits Of E-Commerce? : There are many types of advantages of using e-commerce website are:

  1. E-commerce has faster buying process.
  2. To create store & product listing.
  3. E-commerce helps to reduction of cost.
  4. Affordable advertising & marketing when we use ecommerce compare to other marketing cost.
  5. E-commerce has fastest response to buyer’s demand.
  6. Flexibility of the customer’s

Future Scope of  E-Commerce: Nowadays ecommerce is very demanded tools. They have lots of traffic to the both buyer & seller. Some update is to be there in future.

  1. Chat bots: (It is new technology device or virtual support service with the help of AL.)
  2. Voice Assistance: (Recently goggle can declare our next generation will use voice search. It means modify word with our mouth.)
  3. Block Chain Technology: (It helps to data security and payment method.)

Harsh Jain

PSK Technologies Intern

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