How to make a career in digital marketing

Digital marketing is also called online marketing for promoting our products and brands to connect with potential customers using the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, display advertising, and other channels to reach customers. Digital technology and the internet are connected devices to achieve marketing goals. This is a new way of approaching customers and a new way of understanding how customers behave compared to traditional marketing.

Is digital marketing a good career?
A career in digital marketing is great as it is a lucrative job and the most in-demand job title. Because these days every company and organization needs digital marketers to promote their products and services.
These days every business and company want to use digital marketing strategies because people use mobile phone
almost all days which makes it easier to reach your potential customer through digital marketing.

Start a Successful Digital Marketing Career follow these steps:

1. Collect the basic Information of digital marketing
2. Create your website
3. Become an SEO Expert
4. Get a google Ads Certification
5. Understand Google Analytics
6. Master Facebook Ads Advertising
7. Get a digital marketing job as a freelancer
8. Learn how to use Digital Marketing Tools and Automation
9. Join a digital Marketing Agency
10. stay Always updated and keep Learning

.Collect the basic information of digital marketing
The first step is to knowns about what is digital marketing? and the main components that make up
digital marketing.
It has several components that occupy all areas of online promotion.

Create your website
Register your domain name .your domain name should reflect your products or services so that your
Customers can easily find your business through a search engine.

Become an SEO Expert
An SEO expert also known as an SEO specialist is someone that optimizes websites to achieve
higher search engine ranking.

Get a google Ads certification
What you will learn. Get an industry-recognized marketing certificate from google. Get a job
ready understanding of Google Ads.

Understand Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a free website tracking tool and platform that collects data on how users interact
with your website.

Master Facebook ads Advertising
The next step is to start with social media marketing and in particular Facebook Ads. As a digital
marketing specialist, you need to know how the different social media networks work[Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest,

Get a digital marketing job as a freelancer
The next step in your career path to becoming a digital marketing professional is to get a real digital
marketing job.

Learn how to use Digital Marketing Tools and Automation
A good tool will allow you to create dashboards for all channels and meaningful reports to management or clients.

Join a Digital Marketing Agency
You must have an idea about the internet, social media, and marketing. You must be good at the English language as you have
to write for the projects. That all with this skill set you can join digital marketing firm.

There are different types of digital marketing:
1. Affiliate Marketing: It’s a specific form of marketing where products are promoted to earn a certain commission
2. Content Marketing: Content marketing is the process of creating and sharing valuable free content to attract
prospects and convert them into customers
3. Social media Marketing: Social media marketing, or SMM, involves the use of social networks, creating content
to promote your business and products on the social media platform.
4. Search engine Marketing: Search engine marketing or SEM marketing is an internet marketing strategy used to
increase the traffic on the website in the Search engine results pages(SERPS).

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