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Importance of Facebook

Facebook is a website which allows people to sign up for free profiles, to connect with friends, family and other peoples. It also allows to share pictures, music, articles and videos.

Website familiar options
1. Video View.
2. Leads.
3. Customer leads target
4. Engagement in facebook page.
5. Engaged instagram.
6. Every activity of app
editing starts here

Groups are the place to communicate with people about their shared can creat group for anything like relating your business, your family reunion etc.
1. Go to the group page, click creat group.
2. A dialog box will appear, you can creat group, type the names of your friends, start conversation.
3. You can also choose privacy of your group in settings.
4. click creat.

You will see some job posts in your news feed but you can find job posts in your feeds:click jobs in your left feed. Jobs on facebook, you can search jobs. If there isnt a job tab company has not post anything yet.

The best E-Commerce Platform which helps you to sell items online, on facebook. This E-Commerce option is easy to understand and easy to use. Many builder trusts facebook store by over 1,000,000.
This feature allows you to find people who are instrested in your product and collecting information from them. You can get all information such as name, email address, mobile no, etc.
Marketing on Facebook can help you to efficiently reach all of the people who matter most.

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking platform that was launched in 2010. Through the Instagram app, users can upload, edit, and tag photos and videos. The company remained independent up until it was acquired by Facebook for $1.0 billion in 2012.

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