• What is time management?

Time Management is the Ability to Complete all your tasks in a Timely Manner. Essentially, Time Management enabling people to get more, and better work done in less time and Time management is the process of planning and controlling how much time to spend on Specific activities


  • How Time Management is Important for Success in Life

When you Manage your Time more Wisely, you Feel more in Control. When you Learn How Manage your time You will feel That you may have more Confidence and you feel like you manage anything. When you manage your time, you become a discipline man and history says discipline man is more dangerous than motivation man.


  • Benefits of time management

The benefits of managing time include greater effectiveness and productivity with less stress and you will be very clear for your goal and you also enjoy your free time very well and you become very focused to do any task they also reduce your distraction and also increase your productivity with less stress and you feel clear and more confident how to invest your time and effective time management skills make things simple and easy and one of the most important benefits of time management is  greater energy increased energy helps you to focus on your work


  • How Can I Improve my time Management skills?
  1. Set up Deadlines

When You have task at Hand, Set a Realistic  Deadline and stick to it Once you set a deadline, it may be helpful to write on sticky notes and put it near your work place and you also set reminder on your phone this things remind you about your task and you get very clear view about your task deadline play very important role in time management because of this you become more conscious to with your task


  1. Start Early

You see a lot of Successful People the one thing is common they start their day early and first of all they think and plan their day first of all you want to success in you have to get up early when you get up  early you get fresh mind and your thinking become very strong when you get up early you are more creative and clear minded but as the day you will get tired. If you are not morning person you can just, try waking up 20min earlier than your normal time if you feel tired in morning you just try to do little bit exercise it helps to fresh your body and it is also active your mind and eat healthy breakfast and food this kind of Routine will also contribute to your productivity during the day


  1. Create Schedule

One of the most important aspects of planning and scheduling is to develop base line standards of success and productivity. By having a schedule at top on your mind your calendar act as a filter against the Distraction when you know that you set a amount of scheduled Time to do something, it allows you stay focused so you can get everything done within a specific time


  1. No Multitasking:

If Your Brain is trying to manage Several tasks at once, it may affect the way you work even when you are attempting to do a Single Task you do multitask you are not focus and dedicated your Brain Work Less Efficiently. So, Ignore it


This are the Four Basic Rule



Effective Time Management Skills Can have a Positive Impact on your Work and Life in General

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