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The Value of Website Content

The success of your website is determined primarily by its content. Ultimately,
content wins the wallets of your customers. All other components of your
website (design, visuals, videos, etc.) provide a secondary support role. If you
have effective taglines, great design will only enhance their effectiveness.
Design itself does not sell.
The key to a successful website is having clear, relevant content that delivers
the right message with power and conviction. The content on your website
should target your audience, engage them and persuade them to take action.
If your website does not have enough quality content then it simply will not
rank highly within search results. Google doesn’t see how your website
‘looks’ to visitors, so all it cares about is content, content, and content.


Importance of Content

One of the benefits of publishing good content is that it will increase the number of people who find your website through search engines. Search engines love content, especially frequently updated content, and if you want to get people to your site, it’s important to provide content that people want to see. Similarly, a search engine’s job is to find content for their customers. Consider the following: How many pages do you have detailing your company’s products and services on your website? You probably have a limited number. In a blog, for example, you can add fresh, relevant content
virtually every day. Every additional page of content is potentially a new entry point (landing page) for your website.

Many companies seek close relationships with their customers. It is wise to post relevant and useful information on your website in the form of blog posts, articles or whitepapers. This provides prospective customers to see you as an expert in your industry and be more inclined to conduct business with you. When you use content marketing, you establish trusted lines of communication with your customers, and build credibility in the process.

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