Can I Get a job after the internship?

Can I Get a job after the internship?


Yes defiantly you can get a job after an internship, Internships help us to improve our skills and internship teach us how to work in that field in filled we work and also internships provide knowledge about how to work on our knowledge and how to upgrade it.

An internship is a golden opportunity for students, now a day any company gives the job to the experience holder, not to the freshers. Internship helps to remove the tag of fresher and gives you the identity of an experience holder. With the help, the student improves their skills. At the time college student gets only the knowledge theoretically

Not practically internship allows taking practical knowledge and implementing it in their corporate.

Benefits of internship:-

  1. Apply your theory

Whatever you learn in school college and university is all theory internship allows you to apply it to projects or how to do that practically. This helps to better understand the theory and most of the students overcome the barrier due to the required experience some college students do not always get with their education.

Get a feel for the work environment

For the student to join any company and their team it is the opportunity to see how the company work and how the company teamwork and get familiar with that environment because in future the student joins any company the one of his quality that is families with that working experience he/ she knows that how the company works.

Boost your confidence

An internship helps to boost confidence. How does the internship do it? internship help to clear ideas and also helps to explain our ideas. Most of the students can not be explaining their ideas they don’t know how to explain ideas effectively. And students get must idea about their strengths and weaknesses and after that, they can work on that and improve their weaknesses and upgrade themselves.

Build network


In that company, you are doing an internship with their team members and colleagues and other members of the company will help you in the future if your nature was good. Students get the opportunity to build their network.

As porter Gale wrote, “your network is your net-worth”.

Improve your CV


Internship helps to improve your CV in the company whatever project you did and what activity you can add to Your CV. They provide great help in letting the students know if they want to pursue a career in one field or not.  The internship gives the experience letter that also you can add to your CV.

Getting a reference or letter of recommendation

Ones you complete your internship and after that, You go to find the job You don’t know where the vacancies are at that time the company gives you the recommendation.

When it comes to finding your first position, reference and recommendation can be the difference between an offer and a rejection.

What happens to me if I didn’t get the internship?


  • It is an opportunity for you to improve yourself and grow your carrier.
  • If you don’t take an internship then you have to face many problems and it is too hard to find a good job also. Internships improve your thinking your skills.

Is it possible to land without an internship?


If you are fresher then you can’t get the job and Not having any industry experience can make landing a job hard working.

Sanika Gajbiye