What Is Full Stack Developer and MERN Stack Developer?

What is a Full Stack Developer and MERN Stack Developer?

As we move on to our topic i.e., Full Stack Vs MERN Stack developer. But have you noticed that there is one word in common in both technologies which is “Stack”? Therefore, let’s begin by talking about stacks; subsequently, we’ll delve into our primary subject of comparison: Full Stack vs. MERN Stack.

What is Stack?

Stack is the data structure that works on the principle of Last in First Out (LIFO). Stack consists of two simple operations Push and Pop. Push means pushing an element inside the Stack, and Pop means popping an element out of the Stack. But this is just an explanation or definition of stack. But this concept doesn’t apply to our topic. So, in simple terms, stack means elements placed on top of each other.

In the programming stack, different types of programming languages are used to build websites and mobile applications. Different types of programming languages mean front-end, back-end databases, and so on. So, this group or stack of programming languages is used to build the entire website of the application.

What is Front end?

The front end is a like interface that the user interacts with. However, the user doesn’t know how the data is processed and what happens when the user clicks the button on the website or an application. Programming languages like HTML, CSS, etc. are used for the front end.

What is Back end?

In the back end, all the processing happens. As a user, we don’t know what is happening when we click on the button or when we interact with a website. The process of storing the information in the database will be done by the backend.

What is the database?

A database is a server where all data information is stored. For example -if you purchased something from Amazon then the product information and the invoice will be stored in the database.

What is Full Stack?

A Full Stack Developer is a developer who works on front-end, back-end, and database for websites and mobile applications by itself. Full-stack developer has a knowledge of all these technologies. Full-stack developer uses different programming languages for front-end, back-end, and database.

Advantages –

  • Full stack developer has a knowledge of most of all programming languages.
  • Can make interactive websites using different technologies.
  • Full stack developer can make websites as well as mobile applications.

Disadvantages –

  • Communication between the front-end, back-end, and database can be difficult because of the use of different programming languages.
  • Have to learn different programming languages for the development.

What is MERN stack?

MERN Stack developer has a simple stack where only four technologies are used for the development of the website.

M – Mongo DB – used to create a database.

E – Express.js – Express is a Node.js backend framework.

R – React.js – React is a JavaScript frontend library.

N – Node.js – Node.js furnishes an environment for executing JavaScript code..

These four languages are used for the that’s why it is called MERN Stack.

Advantages –

  • Only a single language is used to build a website.
  • Website loading time will be faster.
  • No multiple programming languages to learn to build a website.

Disadvantages –

  • Limited libraries.
  • Can make only websites, not mobile applications.

Different types of stacks that you can also explore –

  • MEAN Stack
  • MEVN Stack
  • PERN Stack
  • LAMP Stack


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