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Best Practices for Ecommerce

We’ve talked about why you should and shouldn’t use
WordPress for ecommerce. We think it’s a great way to go. But
as with any choice, you’ll need to optimize all the variables.
Below are some best practices to make your ecommerce site a

• Good Photos: High quality, zoomable product images
from multiple angles are a must. One of the frustrations of
shopping online is you can’t always see what you’re getting.
Give ‘em a good show. This will help minimize returns and

• Product Videos: Take it a step beyond photos and offer
video of your products. Give your customers a bigger, better
view of what they’re buying.

• Descriptions: Your product descriptions need to be well
written, engaging and informative. Don’t just stick with the
dull copy from the manufacturer. While detail is good, don’t
make them too long. It’s a product description, not a blog

• Titles: Write titles as people would search for them and you’ll
get an improved rank in search engines, plus better sales.

• Transparent Policies: Instill confidence by having clear, easy
to read and readily available policies, FAQs and procedures
regarding returns, defects, items that never arrive, etc. You
want to put people at ease so they’re willing to do business
with you.

• Simple Registration: Registration needs to be simple,
quick and voluntary. Don’t force people to do it and offer an
incentive when they do (it could be as simple as $1 off their
current order).

• Short Process: The checkout process shouldn’t drag on and
on. Make it short and quick. Only ask for what you need to
complete the process. Some stores like to put all the options
on a single page and others like to break it into a few steps.
But keep it short and simple.

• Clear Contact Info: How can customers contact you if they
have a question? Make contact info clear and easy to find. If
you really want to impress customers, offer a phone number
for immediate answers.

• Answer Questions Quickly: You need to answer questions
as soon as possible. Customers are ready to buy but they’re
waiting on you to answer their questions. Don’t make them

• Stats: Have good stats so you know what people are buying,
where they’re coming from, what’s hot and what’s not.
Google Analytics can provide some of this. Your ecommerce
plugin should provide more. An especially handy stat is
search queries so you can see what people search for and
add keywords and items to help them find what they want.

• Big Buttons: Customers like big buttons. Make your “buy”
buttons large, prominent and above the fold.

• Make People Happy: Anyone can stick a product in a box
and drop it in the mail. But standout service will win you
customers for the long haul.

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