HTML CSS JavaScript online Training In Nagpur

HTML CSS JavaScript online Training In Nagpur

We provide the best online training in HTML CSS JavaScript

  • Free Demo classes for 3 Days
  • Regular Batch
  • Full Practical Knowledge
  • Provide All Type Of Notes
  • Duration: 2 month
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  • All Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi
  • Study Type: Online
  • Time: Part-time

HTML, CSS and JavaScript (JS) are the cornerstones of web development.

These three programming languages have survived many iterations and changes as technology have evolved. Even though the hottest technology this year may be different than the hottest technology last year, all of the web development frameworks share one thing in common – you must know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with confidence in order to use them.

Our course in HTML CSS JavaScript

 The world Wide
 Web (WWW) and History of HTML
 Hypertext and Hypertext Markup Language
 Why HTML
 Prerequisites
 What is attribute
 What is web designing
 Dividing the Document into 2 parts
 Headers Tags
 Title tags
 Break tag
 Body Tags
 Paragraphs
 Italic bold and underline tag
 Acronym tag
 All heading tag
 Table tag and its attribute
 Images tag
 Table and images connection
 Formatting’s
 Elements of an HTML Documents
 Text Elements
 Tag elements
 Lists
 Numbered list(ol)
 Non- numbered lists(ul)
 Anchor tag, name tag etc.
 Hyperlinks FTP/HTTP/HTTPS
 Links with images and buttons
 Links to send email messages
 Text fonts and styles
 Background colors/images
 Marquee behavior and its attributes
 Forms related tags
 Frame tag and its attribute
 Iframe tag
 Span tag
HTML Media Tags
 Inserting audio files
 Inserting video files
 Media control attributes
 Basic Concept of JAVASCRIPT (JS)
Concept of CSS
Syntax ,id & Class CSS Styling( Backgrounds , Text ,Fonts,Links Lists,
Tables)Box Model( Border, Outline, Margin, Padding,
Dimension,display,positioning, floating, Navigation bar, image Gallery,
image Opacity ,align)
Concept of JavaScript
JavaScript overview, Syntax, Embedding Script In HTML File, Variable ,
Function & Object(passing parameter to function , returning a value
from function , creating object, accessing object properties and method
array, events form events ).
Basic Concept of BOOTSTRAP
Introduction of bootstrap and its class ,advantages of bootstrap, Grid ,
all components, tables ,form layout , column , Container, themes
properties ,button, Plug-ins,
 Web Hosting on windows/linux
 Website Designing using html , css , bootstrap.(Web designing).
 Website Designing using Template.

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