MCITP MCSE online Training In Nagpur

MCITP MCSE online Training In Nagpur

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MCITP: Database Administrator 2008

This certification demonstrates your ability to perform the tasks of a database administrator while managing the Microsoft SQL Server DBMS. MCITP Database Administrator 2008 cert holders can design database solutions, configure and maintain a SQL Server database, and provide support for SQL Server databases. Certification candidates should possess 3+ years of experience administering databases at the enterprise level.

Our course in MCITP MCSE

Network Essentials

  1. Networking Concepts, History of Server OS
  2. Introduction to windows server 2008 & 2012 , 2016
  3. Features of Windows Server 2008 & 2012, 2016
  4. Installation of Windows Server
  5. Introduction and Creation of Users Accounts
  6. IP Addressing
  7. Logical Topologies – Peer-Peer & Domain Models
  8. Introduction to Directory Services
  9. Features of Active Directory
  10. Installing Active Directory – Domain Controller
  11. Configuration member servers and Client
  12. Creating users in AD-DS
  13. User Logon Policies
  14. Password Policies
  15. Account Lockout Policies
  16. User Properties
  17. File System
  18. Security & Sharing Permission – Folders & Files
    Profile & File Server Resource Manager (FSRM)
  19. Types of Profile – Local & Roaming
  20. Home& Folder
  21. Configuration Quotas
  22. Creating Organizational Unit
  23. Delegating Control to a User
    Logical Structure of AD-DS
  24. Configuring ADC
  25. Tree Structure – Child Domain
  26. Forest Structure
    Group Policy / System Policies
  27. User and Computer Policies
  28. Software Deployment
  29. Group Policy Preferences
  30. Introduction to Trust Relationship
  31. Categories, Direction & Types of Trusts
  32. Functional Levels
  33. Configuring Forest Trusts Between Forests
    Remote Desktop Services
  34. Remote Administration Mode
    Dynamic Host configuration Protocol (DHCP)
    1 Introduction and Configuration of DHCP Server
    2 DHCP Client Configuration
    3 Reservations
    4 DHCP Backup Configuring DHCP Failover
    Domain Name System (DNS)
    1 Internet Basics, Host & LM Host Files
    2 DNS Naming Hierarchy
    3 Lookup Zones – Forward and Reverse lookup Zones
    4 Types of Zones – Primary, Secondary & Stub Zone
    5 Resource Records, Integration with ADS, SRV Records
    6 Forwarders, Dynamic Updates
    1 Installation of Hyper – V
    2 Configuring Virtual Machine
    Internet Information Services(IIS)
    1 IIS Configuration
    2 Hosting Websites, Virtual Directories
    3 FTP Server Configuration
    Permissions/Access Control Lists
    1 File Systems
    2 Security and Sharing Permissions – Folders & Files
    3 Offline Folder
    Introduction & Configuration of WDS Server
    Disk Management
    1 Basic & Dynamic Disks
    2 Types of Volumes
    3 RAID 0, 1, 5 Levels
    Advanced Topics
    1 Windows Server Backup
    2 Introduction to print server

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