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Hey guys, Today we will discuss about PHP framework. So, when we guys think about web designing or web development alone from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript then the first thought in our mind is PHP language. And out of us many peoples think about that PHP is language is dead, so listen it is not dead. Infact it is used by near about 79% of all websites. It’s like fish without water i.e. still it is widely used sites which common known example is Facebook.
Now, beginners have different thoughts about a PHP framework, that what is PHP framework? What is it’s use? Is there any career opportunity? And all. Here I will try to clear all your doubts. Lets get start…

What is PHP framework?
A PHP framework is a platform to create or develop web applications. It provide code libraries for commonly used functions, cutting down on the amount of original code you need to write.

What is the use of framework?

I know all of you guys are curious to know about the use of framework. So, in many cases we’ll need to recreate functions that have been already made many more of times, which is about as efficient as reinventing the wheel i.e. programmer. Software frameworks can help you avoid this problem.
The responsiveness of websites and applications built using PHP frameworks which helps to fulfil business performance needs.

Benefits of PHP framework developer :

1.Faster development
2.Less code to write
3.Libraries for common task
4.Follow good coding practices
5.More secure than writing your own apps
6.Better teamwork
7.Easy to learn
8.Lightweight application Development

Is there any career and scope in PHP?

Yes, due to my opinion there are career and scope in PHP. When it comes to build career with PHP for fresher and professionals, you are on right path.
It has good career opportunity, before few years ago big MNC companies like, Infosys, Wipro, TCS prefer to hire Java programmers and there was very low recruitment of people with profile of PHP.
But now lot’s of big companies come with PHP projects and increase the recruitment in this field as compare to Java and Dot net programmers. You may also check the growth of PHP.
When it comes to scope, PHP have lot’s of advantage over other programming language. Most of big Online portals are based on PHP.

Top PHP framework used in 2024 :

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