What is the position of WordPress in 2024

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Lets get started with what role wordpress plays in our website world

WordPress is known as Content Management System which is free , written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database.

If you are planning to write a blog then wordpress is one of the blogging platform . As in 2021 blogging is business to many people and it’s actually great

You can just write and earn money isn’t it great ? Obviously it’s great and the best thing is you can reach many people just by writing what you feel .

The interesting fact about wordpress is that 40% of all websites uses CMS

It has 60.8% market share in the CMS market .

Its plugin directory features 55,000+ plugins

WordPress powers 14.7 % of the world top website

If you want to make a website without knowing anything about web designing or coding just by ising right tool again wordpress is here to help

You can make your own or official websites without paying a single penny to freelancers or website builders

WordPress is popular website building platform that is used by 39% of all websites on internet

You can choose themes for you websites and they are interchangeable you can switch from one to another

Hope this blog helped you to just know what is wordpress 🙂

Anjali Surwade

Business Analyst Manager

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