Benefits of Keywords in SEO

Benefits of Keywords in SEO. Types of Keywords and Keywords research tools.


    A term that used in Digital marketing to describe a word or a words group that an user used to  search in search engine(Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).A keyword is a word that describe the content on your site. It’s a search term that you want to rank for a certain pages.

 Benefits of Keywords in SEO:

  1. Time efficient
  2. Get best results in search engine.
  3. You can Analysis your Competition in market.
  4. Helps to Target right Audience.
  5. Social Share.

Types of Keywords in SEO:

  • Branded Keyword:      Branded keywords are the keywords or phrases that contain your brand or company name. These type of keywords are discoverable from social media as well as search engines.

          For Example:  

  1. Nike Shoes
  2. Adidas Shoes
  3. Puma Shoes
  4. Prada Goggles
  5. Apple Electronic devices
  • Geo-Targeted Keywords: Geo-Targeted keywords are the keywords that contain your company or business location. These are great ways to the local business and company to go via SEO and advertising.

These keywords lead the user to a local set of the results so that local company and business would be given priority in the competition in the growing market of the world.

         For Example:

  1. It Company  in Mumbai
  2. Mobile store in Pune
  3. Hospital Goa
  4. Medicine store Bardi
  • Long-Tail keywords:  Long tail Keywords are the keywords that are longer and more specific words or phrases that user are likely to use when they are closer to  point when they have to purchase the item or services or when the user search by using voice search.

  These type of keywords have less search volume as compare to short or head keywords. These keywords are very valuable if you know the proper use of them.

             For Example:

  1. Best Digital Marketing Company.
  2. Leading It Company.
  3. Useful Website for business.
  4. Cloths for Kids under 5 years.
  5. Best laptops for UI development.


  • Negative keywords:    Negative keywords are the keywords that you can add to Google ads campaign plan to indicate keywords where you don’t want your ads to be appears.

These type are generally use in your pay per click campaign in order to:

  • Reduce the cost of your Advertise.
  • For increasing click through rates
  • Direct Traffic to appropriate ads.
  • To keep ads group and campaign honest.

                                 For Examples:       If you don’t sell the running shoes in your shoes and didn’t want to show ads related the running shoes you will add negative keywords for terms like “Shoes for running” or “Running shoes”.

  • Short tail Keywords: Short keywords are the keywords that contain search phrases having only one word. These keyword length make them less specific as compare to other keywords.

                  For Examples:

  1. Running Shoes
  2. Books
  3. Jacket
  4. Mobile
  5. Branded Laptop

What are the Keyword Research Tools?

  • Semrush
  • KW Finder
  • Long tail pro
  • Keywords Tools
  • Soovle
  • Keyword Everywhere
  • Jaxxy
  • SEcockpit
  • Google keyword Planner 

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