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Developer are the creative minds behind computer programs .The developers role is to identify ,design , instal and test,a software system they built for a company .

Developers are found of working in many different types of organizations,from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations.
Many also perform the job on a freelance basis.

Developers can come from different educational background because web development is a field where once you learn a programing language , you will acquire
rest through practising it .

As a employer a developer needs no formal education if they have a computer related field as a background and have some web development skills.

Advantages of becoming a Developer .
1. Enlightment to Education
One reason to become a developer is to enlightened your education . There are many online websites which do it simpler for us to learn programming of your choice .Through the books ,online courses and videos anybody can learn basics of languages to start as a developer .

2. Inflated Demand
Basically developers are highly in demand .Every industry needs their own type of software and the people who can do great work in it with there specifications. As globally we are becoming digital and online operaters , there will be a rapid rise in a need of a developer . if someone is looking for a demanding career option , then software developer is best choice .

3.Career Optiopns
When you become a developer ,there will be many career options for you . For example ,Developers usaually work in many different organisation from small to medium sized businesses to large multinational companies and corporations . Many people also decides to work independently as a freelancer .

4. Creative Outlet
Software development can be a very creative outlet . In this you can create any type of software product you want on your computer . You will have to find many ways to solve problems through coding . There are still many creative specifications involved when you get to work on live projects .




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