Importance Of Basic Programming Language

Java, Python, and Other Programming Language there was the

BASIC Programming Language It Is the Important to Note That the

Programming Language Excited Before Computer Develops.

It Develops John George Komen, the Dartmouth College Mathematics

Department Chairman and his colleague Thomas Eugene Karts Wanted to

Create a Simplifier System that would enable Student in Non-Scientific Field

To use Computer.


  • What is the importance basic programming Language?

The Basic Programming Language Plays an Essential Role In Making Tasks Easy

For People without Programming Language, You Can’t Even Operate Your Cell

Phones. & Even Read Articles.        


Basic is one of the simplest high-level programming language that

Can be easily learned it developers focused on creating language that

Novice programmers and student could not use.


  • How to use basic programming language?


Basic was initially made available on 11 teletype machine Basic originally used letter at the beginning of the every instruction to give the computer the order of processing a set of instruction its first version had 14 command with Straight forward names and easily to understand syntax.


  • Print output text and numbers to the teletype (and, later on screen of time sharing terminals and pcs.)
  • Let told the computer to person calculation to solve a  problem & Assign the result to a variable in statement     such as LET C = (A*2.5)+B;
  • If and then were crucial in letting the program determine   
  • Is a statement was time, vital for anything involving decision making.
  • Go to a program branch or loop to another numbered Line within itself.


Four fact about basic Programming language. 

  • The first version of Basic released on May 1, 1964.
  • The creation of basic gave way to what way the first real form of personal computer.
  • The Basic language was initially based on FORTRAN ll, with some influence form ALGOL 60 and addition to make it suitable for time sharing system like DTSS.
  • As microcomputer with advanced programming language feature come to the market in the 1990s. BASICS POPULAITY BEGAN TO DECLINE GRADUALLY.


  • What is basic?

Basic is one of the simplest high level programming language that can be easily learned. It developers focus on creating a language that novice programmers & students could use with commands similar to English , basic became simple as easy to use for beginners


  • Is BASIC Still Used Today?                                           Yes, basic continues to be widely used because it is easy to learn and is supported by most operating system. it also form the basic framework to learn other programming languages with advance feature.


 Types of programming languages:

  • Procedural Languages
  • Functional Languages
  • Machine Languages
  • Logic Programming Languages
  • Data Oriented Languages
  • Business Oriented Languages
  • Object Oriented Languages
  • Scripting Languages
  • Declarative Languages
  • Document formatting Languages
  • World wide web display Languages
  • Front end coding languages
  • Data programming languages
  • Rule-based languages
  • Compiled Languages
  • Back end coding languages
  • System languages
  • Algorithmic languages
  • Command –line interface e languages
  • Visual languages
  • XML-based languages
  • Syntax handling languages
  • Interpreted languages
  • Little languages
  • Metro programming languages
  • Esoteric languages
  • Non English languages
  • Curly bracket languages
  • Off-side rule languages
  • Integrative languages






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